Australian Bodycare Waxing 

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree after waxAustralian Bodycare Wax in Honey or Tea Tree is used to ensure comfort and hygiene.


Full Leg £20             Half Leg £15

Full Leg & Bikini line £25

Full Leg & Brazilian £30 

Bikini Line £10        Brazilian £15

Full arm £15             Half arm £10

Underarm £8           Lip £5

Eyebrow £5             Eyebrow re-shape £10

Propil Expert £8

Progressive and lasting hair removal. Applied after waxing, the results are fewer and finer hairs. Waxing becomes less painful with a real delay in the hair re-growth making waxing less frequent. After 8 to 16 months treated areas may be hair free. Each treatment can cover a large area i.e. a full leg and bikini or a back.